Blues & Jazz
Rock & Pop
Gary Moore
Title Writer(s) Artist(s)
7 Teen Sheller/Pew The Regents
Ain't No Idle Bastard Morris/Roberts/Moloney/Ellesmere Discharge, Soulfly
Angels With Dirty Faces Pursey/Parsons Sham 69
Borstal Breakout Pursey/Parsons Sham 69
Brickfield Nights Dangerfield/Steel The Boys, Die Toten Hosen
C30 C60 C90 Ashman/Barbe/Gormon/McLaren Bow Wow Wow
Cranked Up Really High Rossi/Barrett Slaughter & The Dogs
Dig That Groove Baby M. Algar Toy Dolls
First Time J Plain The Boys, Die Toten Hosen
Free Speech For The Dumb Morris/Moloney/Wainwright/Roberts Discharge, Metallica
Free Adolescents M Elliott X Ray Spex, The Levellers
Go Wild In The Country Ashman/Barbe/Riordan/Scott Bow Wow Wow
Greatest Cockney Rip Off Geggus/Geggus/Riordan/Scott Cockney Rejects
Hersham Boys Pursey/Parsons Sham 69
Hurry Up Harry Pursey/Parsons Sham 69
Identity M Elliott X Ray Spex
If The Kids Are United Pursey/Cowie Sham 69, Die Toten Hosen
I'm An Upstart Mensforth/Cowie Angelic Upstarts
I'm Not A Fool Geggus/Geggus/Riordan/Scott Cockney Rejects
Never 'ad Nothin' Mensforth/Cowie Angelic Upstarts
New Guitar In Town Plain/Stride The Lurkers
Protest and Survive Morris/Moloney/Wainwright/Roberts Discharge, Anthrax
Questions And Answers Pursey/Parsons Sham 69
See You Later Sheller/Pew The Regents
Teenage Warning Mensforth/Cowie Angelic Upstarts
Tell The Children Pursey/Parsons Sham 69
The More I See Morris/Moloney/Wainwright/Roberts Discharge, Metallica
The Possibility Of Lifes Destruction Morris/Moloney/Wainwright/Roberts Discharge, Soulfly, Machine Head
Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet of Crisps Please Everist Splodgenessabounds
The Day The World Turned Dayglo M Elliott X Ray Spex

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