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“Welcome to the Maxwood Music Limited “Business To Business” website”. We are a music publisher based in London, England and our music has been provided for all types of media exploitation. This ranges from TV commercials to content for television shows, independent films, computer games and Hollywood blockbusters. The uses vary from “Levi Jeans”, “Nike”, “UK Inland Revenue Tax Credits TV Advert”, “Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares”, “Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4”, “Sugar Rush”, “Wife Swap”, “The Heist” and many, many more....

Maxwood has top class relationships with master rights owners and indeed through our associated company, “Secret Records and Secret Films” we are also able to offer many recordings including over 250 live British UK top 75 chart hits and available in both audio and audio visual format.  For information on that catalogue, please go to Secret Records

Many of our compositions have been written and recorded by many established artists including: Boney M, Bow Wow Wow, Counting Crows, Def Leppard, Desmond Dekker, Discharge, Gary Moore, John Holt, LA Guns, Laura Brannigan, Lee Perry, Lloyd Charmers, Magnum, Metallica, Sham 69, Simon & Garfunkel, Stan Webb, Sweet, The Fall, The Shadows, The Small Faces, The Specials, Toy Dolls, UB 40, X Ray Spex  and many more....

Please browse our categories for song titles and contact us for more information on songs, lyrics, masters etc.


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